Wednesday, 13 July 2011

cross your fingers, hold your toes,

things may be a little sporadic here for a while.
life isn't exactly going in the right direction at the moment.

i have just logged in to blogger to find that 20 lovely people are reading this blog, and so i ask you this:
if all of you lovely people could cross your fingers for me tomorrow, then i will have 40 times more luck that i currently have- how does that sound?
i'll even throw in a reward of some DIY's that i've been working on, and maybe even some proper outfit snaps :)

and if tomorrow doesn't go to plan... i guess i'll just have to come up with a new plan!


  1. fingers crossed! sure you'll be absolutely fine!

  2. Hope everything is okay Skye (: Fingers crossed for you with whatever you have planned, and congrats on the followers! xxx

  3. Hope today went the way you wanted it to :)


  4. hope it all goes to plan xxxx

  5. Hope everything went perfect xx

  6. You have a new follower :) Perhaps you'd like to follow me toooo x


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