Thursday, 30 June 2011

thrifty thinking

so i went against my shopping ban again. it's terrible, but i just couldn't resist these little brogues, they were in the mens section but they fit me perfectly, they're so well made and even have little plaques screwed into the bottom to say they were hand made! i love them.

that really is it now, no more lovely things for me! 
it's time to start thinking about furnishing our new flat (yes!! we finally found one & are signing the contracts this week). luckily for me, furnishing a flat is pretty much my idea of heaven. though in an ideal world my budget would be over £200... 
i'm determined to get the best we can for our money, and am going to start scouting car boot sales, charity shops and ebay for some lovely bits and bobs. the new flat is pretty cosy, so i'm going to have to get my thinking cap on to try and come up with lots of little space savers. 
everything is happening so quickly at the moment, but i'm glad to have something to aim towards and a little project to work on, it's so damn exciting. 
oh, and in terms of home-spiration, thank goodness for pinterest!


  1. those are so cute though. definitely worth breaking a shopping ban for :)

  2. yay, i'm glad you agree!! :)

  3. i love these!!

    XO Sisi


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