Saturday, 25 June 2011


today i think i finally started to get my creative brain back into gear. 
after my fmp and the end of uni, i felt completely deflated and have found it so hard to pick up my sketchbook/knitting needles/sewing machine. 
i've promised myself that after writing this post i'm going to start another sketchbook- most probably just a visual scrapbook, but just something to keep me busy. 
yesterday, after losing my phone in my bag (again) i suddenly had the urge to get sewing. this was such a welcome feeling that i jumped into my fabric stash and whipped up this lil phone case. i've had the fabric for ages, it was only a sample from an interiors website, but the perfect amount for my phone. i had some really soft fleecing left over from a design project which i used to line it, and then popped on some ribbon and a button to tie it :)

it's just the right size for my phone and is now so much easier to find in my bag. i'm so glad to have my groove back again, hopefully things can only get better. 
(please can this also apply to the flat-hunting gods!)


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