Saturday, 4 June 2011

nails in honour of GFW

with graduate fashion week beginning tomorrow, i thought it only right to jazz up my nails for the occasion.
i'm really nervous/excited/sad that it's finally here, it's all very surreal!

i've seen a few tuxedo nails on nail art blogs & thought they'd be perfect.
they were so fun to do, and with the wah nails/models own pen, it was actually quite easy.

and what would some cute lil tuxedo's be without some happy chaps to fill them :)

i have a feeling that these will become my go-to nail art from now on! 


  1. I am loving your tuxedo nails - especially the chaps ;)

  2. n'awhh thank you bee :) i do love the lil chaps x

  3. Very fancy ;) They look adorable!

  4. those nails are so cute! x


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