Saturday, 18 June 2011

10 days since i last posted?
i honestly don't know how that has happened, but i guess life is more of a rollercoaster than i thought at the moment.
the last week has seen 5 viewings on our lil flat, countless tabs open of potential new flats, going through whole packs of bin bags to clear out, the start of j's end of year show, an interview, more job hunting, a gluten incident (one of the worst ones yet), and a new phone. oh- and far too much rain!
just reading that makes me go "phewf" !

i also spent a few hours making what would have been my gfw promotional pieces- i ordered some badges around 3 weeks before the show, only to receive horrible service which resulted in them arriving a week too late.
i decided i may as well go ahead and use them though, they can always act as a secondary business card, and i think they're pretty cute :)

what do you think? would you be happy to be given one of these as a contact card? 
(everyone loves a badge right!)


  1. They're so so cute! I'd definatly love to be given one of them,and also they have the added bonus of the badge which makes them a bit different and memorable...them and your tea making skill'z' and you'll be away! x

  2. haha thank you lovely :) i like to think they'll get some attention.
    i have 170 of them though :o literally more badges than i know what to do with- let me know if you want a few :p x

  3. they are really cool - i wish i had thought of a fun promo idea like that. I just had boring old business cards! x

  4. thanks sam :) just a shame i couldn't use them for gfw. i didn't see your business cards actually, were many taken? x

  5. yeah all the ones I put out were taken which is cool, but I dont know if it was just random people taking them rather than important people! haha! ah well I guess any publicity is good x

  6. These are great, really sweet business card. Definitely memorable!


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