Tuesday, 31 May 2011

snippets of work

here a few collages that i made as part of my final uni project.
i made two trend books, and these were for one of them titled "i am hand-made" based on sewing, knitting, embroidery, collage and basically anything that involves a hands on approach.
the full book & photos can be seen on my website at www.skyepennant.co.uk :)
collages are one of my favourite mediums to work in- i love that they all come out completely unique.


  1. Interesting photos dear


  2. Cool photos, I love the 1st, 3rd and 4th photos especially <3

  3. h2: thank you :)

    lidiya: thank you! those are probably my favourites too!

    and thanks both for commenting :) x

  4. Is that george lamb I spy?!
    Properly love your collages- would love one on my wall right now! x

  5. danni: yes it is!! well spotted, especially considering you can't see his face! thank you so much :) i really appreciate that x

  6. Just found your blog via vivatramp and I'm now following - I absolutely love these collages, I've been on your website and you've got some really lovely work! Will you do prints of these?

  7. laura: thank you so much :) i really appreciate it. i've been exploring through your blog now too- your work is really nice!!
    i've been thinking of doing some prints- i've just got to experiment with them a bit to make sure they are right :) x


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