Saturday, 31 December 2011

au jour le jour

so here it is, my future diary for the next 12 months. 
stationery has always been one of my favourite things- going back to school at the end of summer meant time for a new pencil case and a new cartridge pen, and the start of a new year is now that moment for me. 
i'm ridiculously fussy when it comes to diaries. i need practicality- i like having the space to write millions of little lists and notes to myself. however, i tried a filofax style all-the-space-in-the-world type diary this year, and it was just too bland. i know that sounds incredibly superficial, but hey, i like having something pretty to work with!
j ended up buying me this for christmas, and it couldn't be any more perfect. it has monthly views, weekly views with extra boxes for lists, to do list pages and even a little scrapbook section at the back which is just a gorgeous collection of beautifully patterned paper. oh, and each month is separated by a double page spread of amazing little quotes and illustrations.
if you hadn't noticed, i'm pretty much in love with it! 

so here's to 2012. after everything that has happened this year, i am even more grateful for everyone in my life, and everything that i have. big love to you all, and happy new year <3 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


coat:asos hat:the north circular scarf:hand-made mittens:fat face shirt:charity shop velvet dress(worn as top):new look shorts:asos tights:f&f boots:h&m bag:charity shop nails:opi mad as a hatter & topshop nail art pen

this is what i wore on christmas eve to visit some famiy and to have dinner with all my favourite people <3
i hope everyone has had an amazing few days; despite j being really poorly, i've loved catching up with family, eating too much and watching all of my favourite christmas films. 
i've been totally spoilt this year, and i'm sure i'll be posting about some of my lovely presents over the next few days (starting with the diary of course!) 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

merry christmas

merry christmas to everyone who reads my blog, and to all of the lovely people i speak to through blogging/twitter.

i hope you all have an amazing time, and enjoy every single moment of it <3 

Thursday, 22 December 2011


another selection of snippets from the last few days.
i made this scarf last year from an old jumper- definitely one of the most satisfying projects i've ever done! i also dug out the checked blazer from the depths of my wardrobe; i bought it from a charity shop in epsom years ago and i love it to bits.
yesterday j and i exchanged our christmas pressies- we have work today/tomorrow and wouldn't have been able to take them back to the isle of wight. he bought me these boots, a gorgeous knitted jumper and this diary that is so beautiful that i can't stop looking at it. it will have a blog post all of it's own to admire it's amazingness. i kid not.
he also gave me a subscription to not another bill. it's a genius idea- similar i suppose to all the beauty boxes flying around the blogosphere, but far more my cup of tea. they have collaborations with artists to create awesome pieces like this and also collect second hand treasures that are then sent to you every month. thank you j <3
the fairy light nails were a spur of the moment thing- i probably should have spent more time on them. although saying that, the little "bling" lights have already fallen off so i'll probably do some new ones tonight!

i cannot explain how much i'm looking forward to going home tomorrow. i've never wanted to be with my family more. i'm trying not to let myself dwell on any sadness, and just remember that life goes on, and i want to be happy as much as i can. thank you to everyone that left me a comment on my previous post, i really appreciate every word that you all said.

i'm looking forward to seeing all the christmassy blog posts over the next week- i hope you all have an amazing time :)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

20th december

sometimes i wonder if writing on the internet can become a bit too personal. 
i want to document my life, and i love that i have this blog to do that, but i wonder when too much becomes too much. if that makes any sense. 
my family lost our grandma on sunday. and i kind of don't know what to do.
we've lost so much this year; i feel exhausted.  

i've just re-read that and i don't want to sound so melodramatic, but like i said, i just needed to write it.
i hope it doesn't bother anyone to read it because the last thing i want to do is dampen any festive spirit. 
i have lots and lots of things to post about, but i just need some time. 

this is just to say that we will miss you, and we love you.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

december 13th

this is actually what i wore on saturday to spend the day wandering round the laines.
it's j's birthday today, so i surprised him by getting his friends down and showing them the sights of brighton. considering it was a saturday, i didn't think it was too busy (although snoopers paradise was a little like being packed into a sardine tin) and it's awesome getting lost around the laines.

in one of the many little corners in snoopers paradise, there are lots of little boxes filled with postcards, and i have a rummage every single time. i always wanted to find one from somewhere i knew, or somewhere special- and it was my lucky day! the first postcard i picked up was this one; carisbrooke castle on the isle of wight, seriously one beautiful place. i was so bloomin' happy and i'm going to give it to my mum as i know she'll love it just as much.

i then found this book of fairy tales with stories from hans christian andersen, the grimm brothers and the arabian nights. basically my dream come true in book form! anyone who knows me knows how much i love a good fairy tale, and i've actually been searching for an old edition of the anderson fairy tales for ages.

all in all, a pretty awesome day :)

i'm now waiting for j's birthday cake to cool down so that i can ice it, and then i have to attempt to cook dinner (seriously one terrifying thought for me!) wish me luck...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Friday, 9 December 2011

diy memories book

now it might be just my family, but we are big on cards. we are always sending each other little postcards, or just a little card to say hi (everyone knows that receiving post is the best feeling!)

i used to pin them up around the flat, but this drove j a little crazy, and i have so many now that i was stuck with what to do with them. then, whilst scrolling through pinterest i found this idea and wondered why i hadn't thought of it sooner!

and there we have it; i grabbed my hole punch, and started punching through hundreds of cards, postcards, gig tickets, cinema tickets, and any other bits of memorabilia from the last few years. i tied some ribbon through them all, and now i have an amaze little book with gorgeous artwork as well as little snippets of my family.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

some festive nails & my handmade simba necklace.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

diy christmas decorations

after almost a week of waiting for the clay to dry (oh the joys of living in a damp flat) here are my diy christmas decorations!

now in all honesty, this has been a ridiculously stressful diy. the only cookie cutters i have are heart shaped, so i had to improvise with the baubles and candy cane- hence the extremely misshapen ones. i loved the idea of stamping into the clay, but only remembered this when they'd already begun to dry so only a few worked out. i then lost a few when varnishing, as they weren't quite dry enough the first time around, and halfway through painting these i decided i hated them and wasn't even going to post about them.

however, with their christmassy ribbon attached, and after not looking at them for a few days, i actually really like how they've turned out. yes they're wonky and maybe a bit too rough to be delicate, but i think that the colours work well together and i hope that they evoke a little festive spirit in everyone.

i can't wait to see what these look like on a tree, but due to living in a teeny tiny flat from hell, we've decided not to put our little christmas tree up this year. this is like torture for me, but when i go home to my mums for christmas, i will make sure to take photos of these in all their glory.

to sum up: don't be put off by my rambling experience- i found the recipe here and it was incredibly easy to make up. i had so much fun thinking up ideas, i just had a few too many technical glitches! they're a great idea for hand-made decorations, and i also had a bit of clay leftover to make a little something else-i'll be posting about that soon :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011


a few snaps from the last few days.
i picked up this little treasure yesterday- the perfect size for all my filing; i knit this lattice cable headband to put up in the shop; whilst also knitting baby mittens for j's niece; more christmas diy-ing, including stamped tags threaded with pretty ribbon (and the essential peppermint tea on stand-by!)

p.s. thank you all for your lovely comments on my "100" post :) i do reply to them all but know it would be a bit of a faff to check back!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


yesterday i logged into blogger to find my reader count at 100.
now, as a self-confessed hopeless romantic and general emotional extremist, i could go on forever about how much this means to me, but i shall try and keep it brief.

basically, this blog has been a little haven during this year. i have already mentioned on twitter several times that i believe this to be the worst year of my life to date. however, the optimist in me can find a positive for every negative- and this blog is now one of those positives.
i love being able to write about all my diy's and hopes and general ramblings of my day, and i genuinely think that this blog has pushed me into keeping creative as much as possible. i've finally started the journey into my own shop, and as small as it is now, i plan to keep building on it all the time.
the fact the so many people now read and comment on here is just mind blowing- i've said it before, but being able to meet people through blogging is definitely the best part. i've started talking to so many amazing people and think that you're all awesome- so thank you.

i hope that wasn't too much for anyone! i'll be posting again very soon with a new diy- i've been making craft clay christmas ornaments and they're taking longer than anticipated to dry!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

catch up

sorry for my little disappearance this last week. thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, i really appreciate all of your words. 

things have been pretty busy lately, a feeling that i associate with christmas time- although i am now making bits for the shop as well as all my family's presents. i wanted to post about what i've made for them, but i have a sneaky feeling that my lil sis reads my blog & then the surprise would be ruined! 
i've also been working on a few commissions of this snood that i posted about. i've been debating putting it up in the shop as a special order- they take me a long time to make so it would be on a pre-order basis... let me know if anyone is interested. 
the scarf in the top photo is one that i made for j about a month ago now, it's about 6 feet long!
i've also been collecting boxes for the last few months, and have started wrapping them in christmas paper for everyone's presents. i thought it was going to be an easy task, but it's actually pretty fiddly! hopefully the effect will be worth it- i'm trying to find some pretty shredded tissue paper or something similar to go inside so if anyone knows where i could find some i'd be very grateful! 
and lastly, just a quick snap of my nails at the moment- plain and simple, but such a perfect colour. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011


to my beautiful simba, 
thank you for the most amazing 10 years.
thank you for keeping my toes warm, and sending me to sleep with your snoring. 
thank you for making me laugh, for the cuddles and kisses, and for always making me feel better.
thank you for being a part of our family, you were our little brother, and we won't be the same without you. 

i will love you forever x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


i'm going home to the isle of wight for a few days.
if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that my cat simba has gone missing. i need to be there to try and find him, and i need to be with my mum. 
i know there are people out there who probably think it's a bit extreme- if you do, then i'm guessing you've never had a pet. 
he's my best lil buddy, and i need him to come home and keep my feet warm over christmas.

in other news, i've added the new christmas cross stitches to the shop. any orders placed in the next few days will be sent out as soon as i get back.

and another thank you to the lovely michelle for doing the most amazing post on "i am hand-made" over on her blog. easily one of the sweetest girls i've met through blogging, everyone should read her blog :)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

christmas crafting

these cards are based on this amazing idea by my lovely friend sam over at polka dot dreams. her tutorial is really good & her luggage tags look awesome. i'll pretend i was going for a more child-like look with my trees- j actually commented that a child could have done better, but hey ho. plus, as sam pointed out- who doesn't need an excuse to eat some chocolate for materials sake!

i've also been working on some christmas ideas for the shop. this is the first one, and i'm actually really chuffed with how it looks- i think it would look perfect hanging on a tree or over a fireplace at christmas :)

Monday, 7 November 2011

shop update

i've updated the shop with lots of goodies that i've been making over the weekend. 
antique lace & button brooches and hairclips, and sleepy phone/ipod cozies :)
these are one-off pieces all made from antique and recycled fabrics, so once they're gone- they're gone!